The Town of Farmingdale is now accepting Credit/Debit cards for your purchases.  There is a cost to use your personal cards.  There will be a fee of $1 for up to a $40 charge and then 2.5% above $40.  That fee will be ADDED TO the payment.  For instance, if you pay a bill of $100, then you will pay a total of $102.50 for that convenience.  If this fee policy was not in place, then the Town’s cost would have to be absorbed by all taxpayers for the benefit of those people who use their cards.

"The customer has been informed that PayPort is a service offered by a third party working in partnership with the State of Maine and this municipality. As part of our service to you, we will remit the designated portion of your payment to the municipality on your behalf. The balance funds the operation of this and other online services. Conducting business through Maine PayPort is voluntary and the final cost may be higher than using other forms of payment. This service is provided by the Information Resource of Maine (InforME) as designated in statute of (M.R.S.A.Title 1, Ch. 14) "