Farmingdale Hose Company #1

Brief history of the Farmingdale Hose Co. 1

In 1885 the Town of Farmingdale contracted with Gardiner Water Company for 4 hydrants at Northern Ave, Sheldon, Grant and Bowman St. for fire protection.

In 1886 Samuel F. Marshall was elected Chief Engineer and served 3 years. The Company consisted of the Foreman Marshall, DA Wing as treasurer, AC MaCausland, Fred Morgan, Frank Richardson, George Richardson, Warren Harriman, WL Foster, LA Rouse, Fred Jones, AJ Tozier, Arthur Cunningham,Everett Brann, John Connor.

The town started to save funds to the purpose of fire protection and a 2 wheeled hose cart and pung (hose sled) was purchased.

In 1889 the Hose company was reorganized, and A H Harriman is elected Foreman of the company.

In 1893 Fred Goud became Chief Engineer of the Company and a 4 wheeled hose wagon was purchased

In 1926, the town purchased it’s 1st motorized truck…a Graham Bros. Dodge outfitted at Gilson Carriage Factory.  

In 130 years of service to the town, there have only been 8 Chiefs or Foremen: Samuel Marshall, AH Harriman, Fredrick Goud, Phillip Hinckley, Manton Emerson, David Richardson, Eugene Proulx and  Chief Dana Mealey.