Burn permits

The Town of Farmingdale follows the Department of Conservation, "Rules & Guidelines" for open burning. Permits can be issued the day of the burn based on fire conditions reported daily at 9 am from the Maine Forest Service. Farmingdale is located in Fire Zone #3 on the Maine Forest Service website.

1) All outdoor fires require a permit (even in rain or snow)
2) Weekday permits are available after 5 pm only (conditions permitting)
3) Weekend permits are available from 9 am - midnight (condition permitting)
4) Burn barrels are no longer allowed without a permit
5) Fires must be attended at all times
6) Burning without a permit is a Class E Crime (Title 12 § 9324)
7) Items that can be burned include: sticks, leaves, grass/fields, and unpainted wood
8) Items that cannot be burned include: garbage, paper, cardboard, plastic, tires
9) Demolition debris cannot be brought in from out of town and burned in Farmingdale

Classification of Fire Conditions
Class 1: Low Fire Danger (permits can be issued)
Class 2: Moderate Fire Danger (permits can be issued)
Class 3: High Fire Danger (no permits issued)
Class 4: Very High Fire Danger (no permits issued)
Class 5: Extreme Fire Danger (no permits issued)

Open Burn Permit Online Purchase Service
Permits may be obtained by contacting any of the Farmingdale Fire Department Officer,
or you may purchase them through the Maine Forest Service website for a 2-day permit if
the fire conditions allow. For more information on obtaining a permit, please visit them on the web at http://www.maine.gov/informe/municipal/burn-permit/index.html

Free Burn Permits